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Dear Alicia,

I doubt that you would remember me, but when "I Love The Nightlife" became a hit your label (I believe Arista)  began promoting your subsequent releases at the radio station I worked for, among hundreds of others.  When "Rex the Robot" came out, Arista sent me a little wind-up robot (which I still have, by the way) and there was a nice letter from you inside.  On a whim, I wrote back, and for a few months we were a kind of pen-pal with each other! In those days I was program director of WTRP-AM in LaGrange, GA.  Even though I'm no longer in radio (I'm a television newscaster now), I am still most interested in your career and your music and I'm overjoyed that you've had a couple of releases the last two years! Even if you don't remember me, I'm honored to have called you my penpal back in those fun days of the late 70s, and I'm thrilled that you're still going strong!

All the best,

Jack Bagley

formerly of WTRP AM, LaGrange GA

My Books now in HARDCOVER

Greetings Jack,

It is so wonderful to hear from you and to be reminded of all the wonderful times. Isn't the internet a grand invention, keeping us in touch and helping us find long lost ones. It is great to reconnect with my long lost pen pal and hope you enjoy my latest CD FauxDiva XX.

I Do Love The Nightlife,

Alicia Bridges


LaNelle from Alabama wrote 

You are my favorite singer and I have searched all over for more of your work. I wore out your Nightlife album and my son finally downloaded it for me after complaining so much. Please let me know how to purchase any of your work that doesn't require a computer whiz to acquire it and also where you may be performing. You are the best and I am thrilled that I found this website. Thank you for your time

Alicia Responds

I love your wonderful letter and am glad that your technically enabled son was able to download another I Love The Nightlife for you. As for your question, if you want a CD instead of a download you can find my CDs on this site. Just click on my DiscoRound Store tab and follow the links to purchase Say It Sister or This Girl Don't Care. For those of you that are technically enabled, just follow the links from the MyTunes tab for iTunes downloads. You can also download my music at other popular sites such as Napster, Rhapsody, and CDBaby. Of course Lanelle, since you were the first to write about your Nightlife Memory, we have sent both " This Girl Don't Care" and "Say It Sister" CDs to you. 

LaNelle, I am thrilled that you are interested in any upcoming tour dates. Currently I am pouring all of my creative energy into my new Studio FDXXcwp and will be releasing more CDs later this year. So STAY TUNED!

And Yes, I Do Love The Nightlife! 

Alicia Bridges


Sumshee from Kentucky wrote 

WHAT IS MY FAVORITE "I LOVE THE NIGHTLIFE" MEMORY? I'm not sure how to answer that...what you mean by that...I know that the first time I listened to Alicia Bridges that her voice visioned me into a live stage theatre...she was there...GAWD! what a great theatre voice....there alone on the stage...I can see it. I could smell the crowd. I could hear them being quiet in astounded amazement. Then, on comes "High Altitudes"! All of the impression was tripled. GEEZ! this Hot Patootie paints a scene. Do you think she could fall for a hot transvestite two years her senior? 

Alicia responds 

Sumshee, I thank you for sharing your Nightlife Memory with me and am floating on cloud nine about your "Hot Patootie" compliment. To answer your question about Nightlife Memories, there is no right answer. Please share whatever memory you like about a memorable Nightlife experience. Of course remember that everyone will be reading your memory, so you might want to make sure that it is a fun antidote for all to read. As far as your 2nd question, my current life partner has something to say about me dating anyone else. But we will not share that Nightlife Moment with everyone, let's just say if I am ever single again, hmmmm who knows? 

And Yes, I Do Love The Nightlife

Alicia Bridges 



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